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Transport by air: this is a less environmentally friendly mode of transport, but can nevertheless not be avoided

In principle, if transport by air were the least expensive mode of transport, it could be a more economical way of transporting small parcels instead of by group container or conventional ship.
It is also the best way of reaching far-away locations within a tight deadline of only a few hours, and for providing emergency first aid quickly after a natural disaster or in an accident.
This quick mode of transportation is even suitable for heavy and/or bulky goods and can reach any part of the world.

We will discuss with you which solution best suits your requirements and will monitor any goods entrusted to us. REIBEL relies on an international network and offers a wide choice, fulfilling all your requirements:

  • airport - airport
  • door to door
  • consolidation (grouping)
  • sea / air
  • charter flights with different charter planes (IL 76, Antonov 12, 124 166 , location, leasing of helicopters (including MI-26 T)

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    Transport by sea: Water, the source of life, strong and fragile. It is a very precious commodity.

    The oldest mode of transport is still strongly connected to our activities. Our expertise in the maritime domain is essential and allows us to travel every continent, and establishes us as the specialist of intercontinental traffic. We offer the best choice of ships, maritime lines, or sea routes for the transportation of your equipment, goods and materials, within the shortest possible time, in secure conditions, thereby taking due consideration of their origin and their final destination. REIBEL analyses, provides advice and manages your maritime consignments:

  • Conventional : general system used for the transportation of any type of goods, without the use of special means, e.g. containers, « ro/ro » or bulk;
  • Fcl (Full container load): the goods are transported as a complete container load, irrespective of its type;
  • Lcl (Less container load): the goods are transported together with other goods in the same container, suitable for goods of minor and medium importance;
  • Ro/ro (roll on/roll off): for rolling stock that can be operated to move;
  • Part charter: partial charter system, used for every lot from 500 MT;
  • Full charter: charter system of ships only loaded with one lot.

  • River transport: this mode of transport is the most environmentally friendly, as it is silent, less energy-intensive, and is also the safest mode of transport.

    It is considered the best mode of transport, as it is the most environmentally friendly. It is ideal and suitable for the major lots, comprehensive equipment, container shipping and offers a guaranteed link to every city and country situated along the rivers and canals in Europe and around the world.

    REIBEL promotes urban river logistics and is committed to this project. Our main operations are also located in the harbour in Brussels, and we have direct access to the canal.
    The global services REIBEL offers include the analysis of your transport project by waterway, the study of goods or equipment and the general logistics from the loading point to the final destination.

    We offer:

  • transport by river boats: barges and pusher barges;
  • transportation that is suitable for different types of goods (general, in containers, ro/ro, bulk, liquid).

  • Road transport: this mode of transport is controversial, but remains an integral part of any transport channel, intermodal or otherwise.

    Road transport is forms the link between the other modes of transport and is therefore truly the backbone of transport by sea, air, rail or river. It therefore plays a leading role in our multimodal logistic solutions.
    For example the shipment of 50 kilos or 2000 tonnes of food supply is transported by the road, at least part of the way, for the pre or post shipment, or a transit between two platforms or from the harbour to the airport.
    REIBEL has proven expertise in the management of a cordon sanitaire and corridors of shipments for international organisations and the most active NGOs.

    REIBEL offers solutions that perfectly suit your requirements in the various segments such as:

  • express deliveries by way of a variety of vehicles and trucks
  • complete loads
  • grouping services
  • pre and post shipments of containers or goods of any type
  • transports of heavy and/or comprehensive equipment

  • Rail transport: another environmentally friendly mode of transport

    Our use of the railroad network definitely an advantage that can’t be ignored in the logistical approach for the transportation of goods. We utilise the railroad network in order to relieve the other routes and strengthen our integrated logistics.

    REIBEL organises the transportation of your goods from start to finish:

  • in special wagons as per the nature of goods;
  • for part of the route;
  • for the complete journey whenever, if there is a rail connection between the point of departure and the destination;
  • for containers destined for stations or interior terminals in the entire world (this also applies to the territories of C.I.S. and in the Central Asia);
  • for multimodal transports from door to door;
  • we always conduct a thorough follow-up which allows us to control the transport to run smoothly for the complete duration of the journey.