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Common Values

REIBEL and BELPOWER share a company culture and common values: Commitment, Quality of Service, Sustainable Development and Openness.

By Commitment, it is necessary to understand the personal involvement. More than anything, we value our employees and suppliers and their efforts to act in our behalf as they would for on their own behalf. This value is of course reciprocal: we are committed to our clients and our loyal staff.

Providing an optimum Quality of Service is also one of our essential commitments. Both REIBEL and BELPOWER INTERNATIONAL are first and foremost service providers: our services should therefore be absolute first class. It is not surprising that our best advertising comes from “word of mouth” from our clients.

Sustainable Development forms the heart of all our projects, strategy and motivation. Considering the company not as an isolated entity but as a pillar that is surrounded by good employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, stakeholders, communities, the environment, etc. is a true mission. That is why our decisions are rarely motivated by the short-term results, but are aimed at a rational and reasonable policy which will benefit us in the long-term.

Finally, Openness is a principle that guides us. An Open Mind, specifically in the logistics sector, allows us to think about a problem outside the box, whilst learning something every day and enjoying it. The Openness towards others is also reflected in the multi-cultural backgrounds of our employees: whatever his name, origin, beliefs, the human factor is for us absolutely essential; it is certainly the heaviest cost centre on our balance sheet, but our employees are and will remain our most precious asset, which is why appreciate their talent, our talents!

With this in mind and our carefully maintained value of openness, REIBEL and its subsidiary BELPOWER INTERNATIONAL are equally bound to the firm commitment to be a truly Belgian company. This is reflected in our development, share ownership, recruitment (mainly local)…