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Our plan of the SERVICE starts where the routine ends

Our mission statement is also…

  • To maintain and continuously improve the quality of our services, as this is why our client and partners believe in us
  • Rethink our internal procedures on regular basis
  • Prepare meticulously, prevent smartly, act professionally and intervene quickly and correctly for each operation we are entrusted with
  • Allow our younger employees, that represent our joint future, and our motivated colleagues access national and international professional training, placing specific emphasis on foreign languages
  • Motivate our clients, our partners and our teams to opt for environmental friendly options in packaging and means of transport, as the protection of environment is a mission that affects everybody. ( > a department of REIBEL S.A.)
  • Invest in intelligent technologies, adjusted to the client’s requirements, including customised solutions integrated in the e-business  
  • Respect the confidence that our clients, partners and collaborators have in us by defining a plan and converting it into the productivity.