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About us

Reibel, a brief history

REIBEL was incorporated in Brussels in 1985, and has grown steadily ever since. We preferring to explore specific niche markets of the international logistics sector (humanitarian and commercial), which the larger companies in this sector tend to ignore, our principal clients include prestigious names as the UN, the International Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. We are extremely committed to ethics. Our core business is the organisation of transportation for third party clients: we organise the complete logistics that will allow goods to be transported from one place to the next, anywhere in the world. We do so to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Organising transportation is not something you leave to chance, you need to know how to negotiate, international rules, custom procedures, as well as an excellent knowledge of the geopolitical world.


This expansion also resulted in job opportunities: about ten employees in 2005, the total number of staff (outside Italy) has increased to 30 at the beginning of 2010. We currently have 45 employees… and the end is not yet in sight!